Mini Van Appeal


The first fundraising project for the Children of Armenia Fund was the result of Marie's visit to the Dilijan Orphanage in 2006.  This visit and meeting with the children had a profound impact on her and shortly after returning to Australia, she and group of volunteers immediately started working on raising much needed funds to purchase the orphanage a mini-van.

This mini van has been life changing for the staff and children at the orphanage. It allows for the children to be taken out of the orphanage on various excursions and to be taken 'home' during the school holidays to visit and spend time with their extended families who live in the surrounding villages.

11 Years on, the minivan has been well loved and proven to have a significant impact on the lives and livelihood of the children who live in the orphanage. The Children of Armenia Fund would love to be able to provide the orphanage with funds to help with the upkeep and urgently needed repairs of the van and possibly look to upgrade the minivan in the near future.