We are raising funds to provide children with access to necessary social and health services within the impoverished villages of Armenia, in hopes to create a higher standard of living.


Our Beginning

The vision of Children of Armenia Fund is to help secure a future for children in Armenia's impoverished rural villages, through improving education, healthcare, community life and economic conditions.



“Children living a healthy and happy life should be a reality.”



Marie Soghomonian (our Founder) has been travelling back to Dilijian, Armenia for the past 10 years to support an orphanage. The Children of Armenia Fund is making it official. Previous projects included purchasing a minivan to transport the children for excursions and home visits. In 2016, 80 new bed sheets were purchased, as well as clothes, shoes and amenities. 

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Our Mission

To provide essential financial and material support, that contribute to the provision of education, shelter and healthcare to orphans and vulnerable children in rural and developing areas in Armenia and The Republic of Artsakh.



41.9 %

of Armenian children live below the poverty line.


of children in rural areas are considered poor.


Get Involved

We would love for you to get involved with supporting the Children of Armenia Fund.

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* All statistics taken, Statistical Analytical Report, Based on the Results of the 2011 Integrated Living Conditions Survey of Households, National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia, 2012, 200 pages, http://armstat.am/en/?nid=82&id=1397